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Featured Alumni: Krizia Delgado

Our 'Featured Alumni' section aims to showcase Oxford Alumni based in Mexico. By doing so, we promote a more dynamic alumni community, socially and professionally.

Tell us about you. Hi! I'm Krizia Delgado. I hold an MSc degree in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City, my hometown. I've been working for 5 years in topics related to global migration issues. Before studying in Oxford, I worked in the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs and at the Consulate General of Mexico in Boston. I have research experience at the International Migration Institute and at Harvard University, where I focused in technology transfer in refugee camps and global migration policies. I am passionate about humanitarian and social innovation, tech, advocacy, social change, international migration and refugee issues.

What did you study at Oxford?

I studied an MSc. in Migration Studies at the the International Development and Social Anthropology departments.

What was your main area of research?

I contributed to the Migration Transition Theory using the Mexican case. This theory explains why and how a country can transition from being an emigration country, to an immigration one. In the last years, Mexican migration patterns have changed and the country is now becoming a country of a diverse array of immigrants: from returned and deported US migrants, Central Americans that are staying, Europeans that are finding opportunities, just to name a few. By analyzing the Mexican case, I was able to amend the theory by including migration policies and other internal and external factors as key determinants in contributing to the Mexican migration transition.

Matriculation Year: 2013

College: Blackfriars

What is your current job?

I am the Manager of the Global Immigration Program at Jamae Law Group in San Francisco, California. I am in charge of the firm's projects related to international migration, tech and entrepreneurship. I lead the “Startup Visa Route Program”, which is an innovative immigration strategy for founders to benefit from entrepreneur-focused visa schemes in international tech hub ecosystems. I am also the Director of the “International Migration and Refugee Hub Project”, which connects the tech community with humanitarian and social innovation initiatives related to entrepreneurship, immigration, refugee issues and advocacy efforts worldwide.

Name your favorite 5 places in Oxford:

  1. The Radcliffe Camera

  2. The Perch

  3. Christ Church Meadows

  4. The Oxford Canal

  5. Port Meadow

Name 2 things that surprised you about the UK or its people:

  1. It's never too early for a pint.

  2. How multicultural it is.

Your favorite Oxford college

Worcester College: I discovered it once through a secret door I found on my running route and I felt I was entering into Narnia.

Best formal dinner: At Christ Church College the evening after I submitted my dissertation, it was bliss!

What was your favorite lecture or module?

Migration and Development by Dr. Hein de Haas.

Favorite museum in Oxford: The Ashmolean Museum.

Describe one life-changing lesson that you learned when living in Oxford

To always be a critical thinker and to raise your voice despite having new ideas or theories. Most importantly, I learned how the people you meet there can become esencial part of your life even after graduating. I was lucky to find an amazing group of friends that became family, and that is more important than any degree.

What would you like the Oxford Alumni Association in Mexico to focus on?

To provide mentorships and scholarships for low-income Mexicans.

What would you recommend to Mexicans that are planning to apply to Oxford?

Start gathering documents and planning your application at least a year before. Talk to a Mexican Oxford Alumni that can guide you to the process (feel free to contact me!). Remember that nothing is impossible and that we, as Mexicans, have all the skills and experience to be there, never doubt that. Stay positive, the process could be long and stressing, but everything will be worth it in the end :-)

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