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Featured Alumni: Daniela Torres

Our 'Featured Alumni' section aims to showcase Oxford Alumni based in Mexico. By doing so, we promote a more dynamic alumni community, socially and professionally.

Tell us about you.

My name is Daniela, I have a Biology degree from UNAM and an MSc in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford. I have worked for the public sector and local NGOs on climate change, conservation of species and agriculture projects. I am a dog lover, avid traveler and enjoy reading crime novels.

What did you study at Oxford?

I did an MSc. in Environmental Change and Management (ECM) at the Environmental Change Institute, which is part of the School of Geography and the Environment (SOGE).

What was your research focus at Oxford?

I worked on understanding the effectiveness of protected areas in reducing deforestation in Madagascar. This gave me the opportunity to understand how in different parts of the world (like in Mexico) this conservation instrument is not very effective as these areas just remain ¨protected¨ in paper but this does not translate into real conservation actions.

Matriculation Year: 2010

College: Wolfson

What is your current job?

I work in the team that is developing the climate change resilience strategy for Mexico City. This project is part of the '100 Resilient Cities Initiative' pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Name your favorite 5 places in Oxford

  1. Christ Church meadows

  2. The Vaults & Garden café

  3. The Radcliffe Camera

  4. The gardens at Wolfson College

  5. The deer park in Magdalen College

What was your favorite lecture or module?

Conservation and Biodiversity with Clive Hambler

What is your favorite Oxford museum?

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History!

Describe one life-changing lesson that you learned when living in Oxford

The opportunity to meet an incredible and diverse group of people and the way you get to form a special bond with them. Even after leaving Oxford, this bond remains - my Oxford friends will always have a special place in my heart.

What would you like the Oxford Alumni Association in Mexico to focus on?

Promote academic exchanges between Mexican and British universities.

What would you recommend to Mexicans that are planning to apply to Oxford?

  • Save money, as the costs of studying a masters start early on: getting documents translated, visa fees, sending documents, etc.

  • Enjoy every step of the process as it goes by really fast!

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