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Join our professional mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee!

Our Mentoring Club has two chapters: Academic Mentoring and Professional Mentoring.  

Academic Mentoring 

Through academic mentoring we provide support to Mexican students looking to apply to Oxford. Receiving advice from our Mentors can help applicants understand the Oxford system better and make informed decisions about their programme, College or future life in Oxford.

For more information contact:
Krizia Delgado (email), Paulina Villalpando (email), or Ashley Smith (email)

Professional Mentoring 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many have lost their jobs. New alumni returning to Mexico will face unprecedented labour market difficulties. The Oxford Alumni Network in Mexico can provide valuable support to alumni through the Professional Chapter of our Oxford Mentoring Club. 

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship in which a more experienced person helps to guide a less experienced one in a personal or professional goal. It is about sharing knowledge, skills and life experiences to guide another towards reaching their full potential. Whether you are a senior professional, or you are in the early stages of your professional career, mentoring helps build a dynamic community, while ensuring the success of each individual as they achieve personal and professional career goals.

Successful companies and universities have established mentoring programs as a way to foster community building and personal/professional development, therefore we believe having this initiative could boost the Oxford Alumni Network in Mexico.

How does it work?

Step 1. Please fill out the form below and let us know if you would like to be a mentor, a mentee, or both. 

Step 2. We will gather all responses and match mentors with mentees. 

Step 3. We will put mentors and mentees in touch, and reach out occasionally to see how your relationship is evolving. 

Time commitment

This depends entirely on mentors and mentees. The Committee recommends that mentors have at least one call per quarter, and regular email communication with their mentees. The objective is not for this to be an overwhelming process, but rather to provide a gateway for relationship-building.

Mentoring Club Sign-Up Form

Sign-up for our professional mentorship program here and we will reach out promptly!

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