Oxford Alumni Mexico Association

Committee Members

Karine Yuki

St John's College, 2015

Karine is an MIT physicist turned social scientist at the University of Oxford. After graduating from MIT with a double BSc in Physics and Political Science, she moved to the UK for an MPhil degree in Development Studies as a Clarendon Scholar. Her cross-disciplinary background has led her to thrive in the intersections: technology and business, private sector and social impact, strategy and design. Today, she is a strategy consultant with on-the-ground project experience across 9 countries and clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies, to government agencies, to USAID-backed NGOs. In the past decade, Karine has lived in Mexico three times. She first fell in love with the country in 2011, while interning at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares. When the opportunity to come back to Mexico arose after her MPhil degree, she moved back to Mexico to work with the World Bank. Finally, she came back to Mexico in 2017 with the Boston Consulting Group - and has since settled in Mexico City. As President of the Oxford Alumni Association in Mexico, she is eager to give back to a country that she is now proud to call home.


Ashley Smith

St Edmund Hall, 2002

Ashley is a CIPD-accredited HR professional and organisational development consultant. He holds an Executive Master in Change from INSEAD, where his thesis was on the emotional legacy of Malinche. In 2018, Ashley was an official international observer to the federal and local elections that year. 

Before moving to Mexico in 2018, Ashley worked for Shell in a variety of HR roles in London, Aberdeen, The Hague and Singapore. Before joining Shell, Ashley worked in public affairs and customer service. At Teddy Hall, Ashley studied Modern History and Politics while rowing in the 3rd Torpid and 2nd VIII. 

Raised in Switzerland, Ashley speaks three languages (English, French and Spanish) and has been married for four years.

Ashley is passionate about giving back to Mexico. He hopes to see the Association make a difference to as many Mexicans as possible.


Krizia Delgado

Mentorship Programme
Blackfriars, 2013

Krizia has more than 12 years of experience working in the innovation, diplomacy and public policy sector in the United States, UK and Mexico. She was in charge of opening the first Innovation Unit abroad at the Mexican Consulate in Boston in 2012.  A year later, she studied a Master of Science in Migration Studies at the University of Oxford with a Chevening Scholarship. After her time at Oxford, she spent two years in Silicon Valley working in technology and migration issues, and also as the founding team of the Oxford Entrepreneurs Network in the US. In 2017, she joined the British Embassy in Mexico as Head of Innovation, Science and Newton Fund.  Krizia is currently a Government Affairs and Public Policy Manager at Google Mexico. She has been in charge of the Mentoring Programme for over 4 years, helping Mexicans apply to Oxford.


Rubén Gómez Castellanos

Bursaries and Fundraising Officer
Hertford College, 2008

Rubén is a pharmaceutical chemist and he studied the DPhil in Chemical Biology at Oxford between 2008 and 2013, where he studied the biosynthesis of antibiotics. In Oxford, he was a member of the Department of Chemistry and Hertford College where he collaborated with the MCR committee during the four years he was in Oxford, becoming President for 2010-11. Since his return to Mexico he has worked in clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, except for two years spent in Italy doing a postdoctoral fellowship in a project in green biocatalysts sponsored by the European Council. Rubén has always been very grateful for the opportunity he had to study in Oxford and he would like more Mexicans to have their chance. That is why he will be collaborating with the alumni society to create a scholarship program for Mexicans in Oxford as well as options to attract more funds to the alumni society.


Stephen Douglas

Former President 

Teddy Hall

Stephen was born in London in 1954, and studied Human Sciences and played rugby at Teddy Hall. After graduation he spent seven years working in the UK Ministry of Defence and subsequently spent 22 years working as a banker in the City of London, most of the time with Royal Bank of Canada Group.  He moved to Mexico with his Mexican wife in 2005 and lives in Valle de Bravo. He currently works with Trans-Mexico Capital Partners, and in his spare time he follows rugby, cricket and equestrian events. As President of the Association, Stephen plans to increase the number of Association events, with different events for different demographics, to include family and friends, with particular emphasis on the younger generation; cultivate a closer relationship with the University Alumni Office and, particularly, the North American Alumni Association; look at establishing a formal or informal mentoring system, where more experienced alumni in Mexico can help younger alumni starting out in their sector; and help the Association to take on more charitable activities, focusing on scholarships for young Mexican students.


Liliana Baltra

Events Coordinator
St Anthony's College, 1972

Liliana was born in Chile and was a Visiting Scholar at St. Antony’s College, for just one term. Previously, she had been awarded British Council scholarships for Summer courses at Ealing College of Higher Education and at the British Council, London. She completed her Masters Degree in Education at the University of New Hampshire, and later on worked as Research Associate at the University of Texas at Austin. Her bonds with the UK go back to her undergraduate studies at the University of Chile, where British professors prepared teachers of English in Chile. Has published extensively in the field of Foreign Language Teaching/ Learning, both in English and Spanish. Some of her latest publications are: Baltra, Araneda, Guzmán, Memorias de Una Generación Privilegiada, Ed. Forja, Santiago, Chile, 2013. Gabriela Mistral, Desolation, bilingual edition, translators, Michael Predmore and Liliana Baltra, Latin American Literary Review Press, Pittsburgh,  PA, USA, 2014.


Alexander Mahoney

Former Treasurer
Wadham College

Alexander’s background is in Private Banking, having joined HSBC through its fast-track Global Graduate Training Program. During his spell with the group he spent time in Mexico, Switzerland, UK, Guernsey, Jersey and Paris. His five years in the private bank offered him exposure to a wide range of fields, including relationship management, portfolio and risk management, audit and operational risk. He is British, bilingual French-English, with a fluency in both Spanish and Russian. Alexander holds an MA in Russian and French from Wadham College, Oxford University. He currently resides in Mexico City, Mexico.