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In case you didn't know... Exeter College Chapel

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

by Liliana Baltra

During my Oxford days, every time I had friends or relatives visiting me I would take them to the Chapel of Exeter College. I loved the street where it is located. It adds mystery to the Chapel with light peeking through its beautiful glass stained windows. It offers peace and tranquility for meditation and also public services open for general public. It is a classic example of the Victorian Gothic revival, designed by George Gilbert Scott and consecrated in 1859, which was cleaned and restored in 2007.

The Organ, built in 1994, is a unique example in Britain of the French Romantic style and is one of the finest instruments in Oxford. It can be heard at regular Tuesday Lunchtime Recital Series.

The Chapel of Exeter because of its wonderful acoustic is in much demand for musical concerts. Exeter has a wonderful mixed-voice Chapel Choir, conducted by the undergraduate Organ Scholar, which makes tours in Britain and overseas.

Photo by Exeter College

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