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Three Capitals Webinar: The Oxford College Arms

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

University of Oxford Alumni in Mexico, Ottawa and Washington, D.C. are co-organisers of the Three Capitals Lecture Series. Open to the members and friends of all three alumni societies, each chapter hosted a lecture, creating a fascinating and diverse lecture series. 

The Alumni Society of Washington, D.C. hosted the first webinar on August 20th, which was about the history of Oxford college heraldry by Dr. John Tepper Marlin (Trinity, Oxford). 

During the webinar, Dr. Marlin discussed his book, Oxford College Arms: Intriguing Stories Behind Oxford’s Shields, and explained the fascinating heraldic language of Oxford\’s shields. Colleges define the student experience at Oxford, and Dr. Tepper Marlin’s book and presentation shed light on the meaning behind the college arms, their historical significance, and their connection to the present day.

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